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Hello, and welcome.  

Hello, and welcome.  My name is Rowland Folensbee.  I am a clinical psychologist who has maintained a private practice for over twenty-five years.  I have a passion for understanding people and using that understanding to help them live better lives.  I hope this website gives you a sense of my commitment to helping, and an understanding of the different ways I work to help people.

I believe different people with different concerns benefit from different types of intervention.  Each person has different strengths and different weaknesses.  One type of intervention does not fit all.  Sometimes is it important to take direct action to resolve specific problems.  Sometimes it is more effective to spend a longer time understanding how a person’s difficulties came to be in order to help them effectively.  At times it is important to help the parents parent more effectively at the same time children are helped to function better.  Sometimes it is helpful to assist adults or parents and their children in their interactions with life outside the home, such as in their interactions with schools or with medical doctors.  I use various aspects of my training and experience to support people in these different ways. 

I hope I have a chance to help you.  

Rowland W. Folensbee, Ph.D. 

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